New Amsterdam Court House | Amsterdam

Status: Realized
Location: Amsterdam
Client: NACH DBMO B.V.

Heijmans | 47.250 m2 | office spaces, courtrooms en interrogation rooms | panel-, steel walls- and floor formwork

The new courthouse quarters are becoming visible, recognisable and authoritative. This building helps with optimising the professional presentation and functioning of the legal system with its elevated utility- and experience value. It contributes to the validation of law and order for the public and strengthens the position of the courthouse as the heart of the legal world.

A building of which the future worth will remain current, functional, and representative for decennia to come. The new courthouse is ten floors high. Over a thousand court employees and 200 employees working at chain partners will be working in the building daily.


Red Betonbouw offers a total package, starting at the preliminary stages toward the calculations and final realisation of your project. With this way of working, we can think along with you from the beginning onwards about construction methods and possible alternatives. The realisation of a high-quality project takes more than solely the professional knowledge that we possess. Red Betonbouw places great care on putting the right people on the right job. We solely work with the best that the market has to offer, and a big part of those resources we manage ourselves. 


21/05 '21

High-Rise construction Pump

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23/03 '20

Corona effects on Red Betonbouw

Corona effects on Red betonbouw

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28/02 '20

How do you make 15 meter high concrete columns?

Challenge for team RED Betonbouw: 15 meter high column formwork and concrete pour.

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30/01 '20

Sneak peak

Sneak peak behind the scenes RED Betonbouw / Inntel Hotel

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27/11 '19

First impression Column casting for high rise constructions

These eight-meter tall columns are cast and create a special first impression for 15 meter high columns

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14/11 '19

Start concrete works Stadspark | IJmuiden

After overcoming many obstacles, we have started the tunnel formwork for Dura Vermeer.

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10/10 '19

Commissioning the use of two Tesla’s

RED Betonbouw is replacing fuelled cars for electric ones.

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30/09 '19

Het Hof van Capelle | Kroon & de Koning

Recieved an order from Kroon & de Koning  for the construction of 88 apartments in Capelle a/d IJssel

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18/07 '19

The mentality of Rotterdam

"If it does not go as it is ment, then it is ment to go as it is"

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03/06 '19

Experimenting with safety improvements using SkyReach Anchor

At our project for Intell Scheveningen, we have started using two units of SkyReach Anchor.

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