The history of RED Betonbouw B.V.

A group of professionals, under the supervision of director Enes Djerlek, came together in the Netherlands at the end of the nineties through the former HBG and after the completion of the city centre of Berlin. These craftsmen have worked for a variety of clients where they have realised a great number of projects over the years including the A5 Schiphol and the parking garage at Arnhem Central Station.

As a result of the motivation and dedication of these professionals, the requests grew with each coming year. In 2003
Enes Djerlek decided to answer the growing need of their clients and created an employment agency called Ensan B.V.

Up till 2010, Ensan B.V has realised a variety of projects within the Netherlands, ranging from infra-, utility-, and housing constructions to low and high rise buildings. Additionally, Ensan B.V grew to be a specialist within the field of tunnel formwork.

However, there is more......
Enes Djerlek increasingly received requests inquiring after the possibilities to construct the complete structural works of a building. Therefore in 2010, RED Betonbouw B.V. was founded. Even though 2010 was a financially unstable year for construction companies where many organisations were not using their equipment to full capacity, Enes Djerlek decided to invest in tunnel formwork equipment.

With success.
Several Towers in Beverwijk were realised using the formwork equipment, and Red Betonbouw continued their steady growth.

With the steady growth came the need to expand, and the location alongside the Kiotoweg in Rotterdam became too small to house all of the equipment and personnel.

Therefore in 2015, we invested in our current location on Röntgenstraat 1 in Oud-Beijerland. The company now has a spacious office, room for equipment, and a workplace. For the time being, we had enough space to conduct business successfully. However, this thought proved to be untrue. Experience taught us that with sending materials back to the workplace and re-organizing it again for the next client, there was still not enough space.

After considering many options, we finally decided to invest in a second location in Oud-Beijerland, here we do maintenance work and produce steel formwork for clients. 

From these locations, central leadership management, calculations, preparation work, employees in charge of execution, and the equipment services are run.

For us to deliver what we promise to our clients.


Realising the high-quality delivery of complete projects, in a safe environment, within set guidelines.


We want to continue improving on our leading position within concrete works and grow towards being the most successful partner from the preliminary stages up till the delivery of our work. A financially stable organisation where the realisation of high-quality projects is our priority. With our vision ‘The heart for concrete,’ we can complete any project safely, with high quality, and within the agreed-upon time frame.

Learning environment

RED Betonbouw is committed to giving students an environment that facilitates students to work on their studies in the best way possible, with a high job prospective. As a result, we have worked together with Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven to continue supporting students and lead them toward the best possible scenario.



RED Betonbouw offers a total package, starting at the preliminary stages toward the calculations and final realisation of your project. With this way of working, we can think along with you from the beginning onwards about construction methods and possible alternatives. The realisation of a high-quality project takes more than solely the professional knowledge that we possess. RED Betonbouw places great care on putting the right people on the right job. We solely work with the best that the market has to offer, and a big part of those resources we manage ourselves. 

  • Traditional formwork
  • Hand Formwork
  • Steel wall formwork
  • Steel tunnel formwork
  • Panel formwork
  • Support structures
  • Edge protection
  • Sliding formwork
  • High rise construction pumps


21/05 '21

High-Rise construction Pump

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23/03 '20

Corona effects on Red Betonbouw

Corona effects on Red betonbouw

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28/02 '20

How do you make 15 meter high concrete columns?

Challenge for team RED Betonbouw: 15 meter high column formwork and concrete pour.

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30/01 '20

Sneak peak

Sneak peak behind the scenes RED Betonbouw / Inntel Hotel

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27/11 '19

First impression Column casting for high rise constructions

These eight-meter tall columns are cast and create a special first impression for 15 meter high columns

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14/11 '19

Start concrete works Stadspark | IJmuiden

After overcoming many obstacles, we have started the tunnel formwork for Dura Vermeer.

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10/10 '19

Commissioning the use of two Tesla’s

RED Betonbouw is replacing fuelled cars for electric ones.

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30/09 '19

Het Hof van Capelle | Kroon & de Koning

Recieved an order from Kroon & de Koning  for the construction of 88 apartments in Capelle a/d IJssel

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18/07 '19

The mentality of Rotterdam

"If it does not go as it is ment, then it is ment to go as it is"

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03/06 '19

Experimenting with safety improvements using SkyReach Anchor

At our project for Intell Scheveningen, we have started using two units of SkyReach Anchor.

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