Welcome to RED Betonbouw B.V.

RED Betonbouw is a leading subcontractor specialised in working with concrete.
Every day, with our vision ‘The heart for concrete', we unburden our clients through advice,
knowledge and craftmanship.
In this manner we can work together with you as a client on the constructionsite and realize
what has been agreed in the preliminary stages



Hof van Capelle | Capelle a/d IJssel

Kroon & De Koning 88 apartments | 270m2 of commercial space | steel wall, panel and tunnel formwork

Overhoeks Blok K | Amsterdam

Dura Vermeer Bouw Midden West BV

Newport Nesselande Kopenhagen | Rotterdam

Van Omme & De Groot 

Inntel Hotel | Scheveningen

Boele & van Eesteren | 11.000 m2 BVO | 225 rooms | panel-, steel wall-, floor formwork and windshields

What we do

We can realize anything, from simple foundations to highly technical high-rise construction solutions.

Additionally, we help with choosing construction methods, saving possibilities and technical challenges in the preliminary stages. Together with the components made in our steel and carpentry facility, RED Betonbouw is your designated party.

We oversee and direct the whole structural process through close collaboration and because we understand the inextricable link between planning and finance. The realisation of our work is done within the allotted time accompanied by a guaranteed honest financial picture.

Our enthusiastic staff members with years of experience are ready to lead your project from the preliminary stages to the realisation of your construction.


21/05 '21

High-Rise construction Pump

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23/03 '20

Corona effects on Red Betonbouw

Corona effects on Red betonbouw

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28/02 '20

How do you make 15 meter high concrete columns?

Challenge for team RED Betonbouw: 15 meter high column formwork and concrete pour.

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30/01 '20

Sneak peak

Sneak peak behind the scenes RED Betonbouw / Inntel Hotel

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27/11 '19

First impression Column casting for high rise constructions

These eight-meter tall columns are cast and create a special first impression for 15 meter high columns

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14/11 '19

Start concrete works Stadspark | IJmuiden

After overcoming many obstacles, we have started the tunnel formwork for Dura Vermeer.

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10/10 '19

Commissioning the use of two Tesla’s

RED Betonbouw is replacing fuelled cars for electric ones.

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30/09 '19

Het Hof van Capelle | Kroon & de Koning

Recieved an order from Kroon & de Koning  for the construction of 88 apartments in Capelle a/d IJssel

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18/07 '19

The mentality of Rotterdam

"If it does not go as it is ment, then it is ment to go as it is"

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03/06 '19

Experimenting with safety improvements using SkyReach Anchor

At our project for Intell Scheveningen, we have started using two units of SkyReach Anchor.

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